This hand-woven rug embodies centuries of tradition. A process passed down through generations, taking several weeks to complete. Sourced from the shepherds of the Caucasus mountains, this rug features exquisite long-haired wool that has been washed with lavender soap and pure water from the mountains’ melting ice. After weaving, the rug receives a final wash and thorough brushing, revealing its unique character. 

No artificial dyes or bleach in sight. This hand-woven rug is completely eco-friendly. 

A fuzzy masterpiece in its own right. With natural color variations.


100% wool


200x300 cm


Wool is among the oldest textile fibers known to mankind. Fortunately, it contains self-cleaning properties that makes it more resistant towards dirt and odors. However you still need to take care of your fuzzy favorite.

  • Simply shake and beat the rug when needed, or stroke it gently with a brush.
  • do NOT vacuum the rug. Vacuuming risks damaging the delicate fibers, leading to bald spots over time.
  • For spills, a quick wipe with a damp cloth or baby wipe is sufficient.
  • If necessary, hand washing at 30 degrees is recommended, followed by thorough drying. You can work gently with a hair dryer for this purpose.