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Buying vintage or second hand has always been the obvious choice. 

Back in the 90s, wearing second-hand clothes was often considered shameful, but I always loved it! I would come home with beautiful hand-woven garments of amazing quality, cherishing the feeling of wearing pieces that no one else had. UFF Secondhand store became my regular spot, and I still remember the sales where you could fill an entire plastic bag for just 10 SEK. I still have my 70s Wrangler jeans jacket, which was completely unused in a grey-blue wash back then. Today, as I wear it, it has faded to a light blue but remains one of my dearest items.

Vintage and second hand is no longer something shameful; quite the opposite. At home, almost all of our furniture and lamps are vintage, and that’s how I like it. Mixing styles and materials from different epochs present both a challenge and the essence of my driving force. If I make a mistake, I can always learn and do it right the next time. For me, it’s all about the feeling. How do I feel in this room? How do I feel in these clothes? It’s never about fashion or trends; it’s about You.

vintage in our store

Dresses meticulously crafted from retro textiles
Hand-sewn pillows and textiles in vintage fabrics
Lamps and objects collected from around the world