The Marie Palazzo Cirillo dress features a color blend of green and blue, elevating its possibility for seamless combinations with various styles of your choice. Parts of the dress are decorated with beautiful pearls and silver threads.

The dress is crafted in a singular (wider) size.


100 % cotton


122 cm long

125 cm wide at the bottom

250 cm in circumference

50-100 cm by the chest

60 cm long by the arm


The Palazzo Cirillo dress comes with stunning details that also need extra care.

Guidelines for washing:

  • wash the dress at 30 degrees, in a laundry bag. The pearls may come off over time if the dress is washed too vigorously.
  • do NOT tumble dry the dress.

The Marie Palazzo cirillo story

In a newly opened store in Oslo back in 2014, I spotted it: the dress that I knew I would buy without trying it on or asking for the price.

Originally from Paris and untouched by its previous owner, it became my beloved attire, worn until it tore apart.

The Marie Palazzo Cirillo dress is my own reinterpretation and remodeled version of my once cherished dress.